Tree Planting in Hartest,

Many thanks to the STWN and the Woodland Trust for the parcel of trees which were delivered in mid December. We have made good use of them here in Hartest.

I planted 21 one of them at the top of a rather exposed bank and path called Pask’s Path which leads from the village to the village Millennium Wood (owned by the Woodland Trust but planted and managed by the village).

Job well done: Hartest volunteers after completing planting the trees and protecting them with deer guards.

We also planted some in a new cemetery we have created in the village.

A few of the others I have potted on for future use around the village.

John Kemp,
Tree warden for Hartest parish in Babergh

Eyke East Suffolk

National Tree Week

Ron and I have just planted 13 oak saplings (grown at home) in our small copse in Eyke. We have a further 14 to plant, fingers crossed that they survive. We have a big deer problem – they are nibbling the tops of our hawthorne and blackthorns as well as decimating the hollies. Can’t do much as there are simply too many young trees and too few volunteers to even consider stronger deer protection.

I have a man here at Eyke who planted 40 saplings that I provided for him around 2 or 3 years ago. He has contacted me to say that he has managed to keep 60%, which are flourishing. He is now looking for some more to plant in his hedgerow, close to Church Lane. I know I have missed the Woodland Trust handout but should you here of any going begging I would love to let him know.

Best wishes

Judy Clements