2018 STWN events roundup

In 2018, Suffolk Tree Warden Network (STWN) organised a number of tree-related events and workshops in Suffolk, including Spring Forum & AGM, Woodland Management, Tree Identification & Tree Warden Role and Tree Planting.

In cooperation with the Woodland Trust, STWN was able to offer free tree packs to Suffolk Tree Wardens and distributed over 2,500 young trees before Christmas.

Suffolk Tree Wardens were also kept informed about events & training courses put on by national & East Anglian organisations/charities such as Forestry Commission Tree Health seminar, Orchards East Plum and Cobnut Day and Tree Council’s Tree Warden Regional Forum.

STWN will be organising a similar number of events again this year, starting with the Spring Forum & AGM in East Suffolk – date & venue to be agreed.