Coronavirus message for volunteer Tree Wardens

This difficult situation brought about by Covid 19 has disrupted our work as Tree Wardens as it has for the rest of society. However it also offers opportunities to get closer to nature on our daily walk (on our own or in pairs, keeping 2 meters social distance). Opportunities could include:

  • simply enjoying the spring as it unfolds
  • observing which & when trees come into flower & leaf; which comes first – flowers or leaves or at same time? A question put to me by a fellow tree warden!
  • taking photos
  • noting wildlife – I saw my first Brimstone butterfly in my garden recently
  • increasing tree identification skills
  • general observation of health of trees in your area
  • carrying out hedgerow/ancient tree surveys

Please let me know how you get on or you can post your observations direct on the site. To do this you will need to register on the site.

Nationally the Tree Council has issued guidelines they are asking us all to follow. Here they are in the latest email message from Sara Lom (CEO of the Tree Council).

Stay safe dear friends and continue to support trees whilst doing so.

Frances Jannaway: coordinator Suffolk Tree Warden Network

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