Mid Suffolk Parishes and Tree Warden area Coordinators

The coordinators for each of the areas can emailed by selecting them from the list on our Contact Form – at the bottom of the list.

Parish Name

Area Coordinator
Akenham Jeannie Buckingham
Ashbocking Jeannie Buckingham
Ashfield cum Thorpe Steven Phipps
Aspall Steven Phipps
Athelington & Horham Sally MacKinnon
Bacton John Ibbetson
Badley Frances Jannaway
Badwell Ash John Ibbetson
Barham Jeannie Buckingham
Barking & Darmsden Jeannie Buckingham
Battisford. Frances Jannaway
Baylham Jeannie Buckingham
Bedfield Steven Phipps
Bedingfield Steven Phipps
Beyton Frances Jannaway
Botesdale Mike Smith + Frances Jannaway
Braiseworth Mike Smith + Frances Jannaway
Bramford Jeannie Buckingham
Brome and Oakley Sally MacKinnon
Brundish Steven Phipps
Burgate & Wrotham Mike Smith + Frances Jannaway
Buxhall Frances Jannaway
Claydon & Whitton Jeannie Buckingham
Coddenham Jeannie Buckingham
Combs Frances Jannaway
Cotton John Ibbetson
Creeting St Mary Jeannie Buckingham
Creeting St Peter Jeannie Buckingham
Crowfield Jeannie Buckingham
Darmsden (& Barking) Jeannie Buckingham
Debenham Steven Phipps
Denham Mike Smith + Frances Jannaway
Drinkstone Frances Jannaway
Earl Stonham Jeannie Buckingham
Elmswell John Ibbetson
Eye (town) Mike Smith + Frances Jannaway
Felsham Frances Jannaway
Finningham Mike Smith + Frances Jannaway
Flowton Frances Jannaway
Framsden Jeannie Buckingham
Fressingfield Sally MacKinnon
Gedding Frances Jannaway
Gipping John Ibbetson
Gislingham Mike Smith + Frances Jannaway
Gosbeck Jeannie Buckingham
Great Ashfield John Ibbetson
Great Blakenham Jeannie Buckingham
Great Bricett Frances Jannaway
Great Finborough Frances Jannaway
Harleston Frances Jannaway
Haughley John Ibbetson
Helmingham Jeannie Buckingham
Hemingstone Jeannie Buckingham
Henley Jeannie Buckingham
Hessett Frances Jannaway
Hinderclay Mike Smith + Frances Jannaway
Horham & Athlington Sally MacKinnon
Hoxne Sally MacKinnon
Hunston John Ibbetson
Kenton Steven Phipps
Langham John Ibbetson
Laxfield Sally MacKinnon
Little Blakenham Jeannie Buckingham
Little Finborough Frances Jannaway
Mellis Mike Smith + Frances Jannaway
Mendham Sally MacKinnon
Mendlesham John Ibbetson
Metfield Sally MacKinnon
Mickfield Steven Phipps
Monk Soham Steven Phipps
Needham Market (town) Frances Jannaway
Nettlestead Jeannie Buckingham
Norton John Ibbetson
Occold Steven Phipps
Offton & Willisham Jeannie Buckingham
Old Newton with Dagworth John Ibbetson
Onehouse Frances Jannaway
Palgrave Mike Smith + Frances Jannaway
Pettaugh Jeannie Buckingham
Rattlesden Frances Jannaway
Redgrave Mike Smith + Frances Jannaway
Redlingfield Steven Phipps
Rickinghall Inferior Mike Smith + Frances Jannaway
Rickinghall Superior Mike Smith + Frances Jannaway
Ringshall Frances Jannaway
Rishangles Steven Phipps
Shelland Frances Jannaway
Somersham Jeannie Buckingham
Southolt Steven Phipps
Stoke Ash (& Thwait) Mike Smith + Frances Jannaway
Stonham Aspal Steven Phipps
Stonham Parva (Little Stonham) Steven Phipps
Stowlangtoft John Ibbetson
Stowmarket (town) Frances Jannaway
Stowupland Frances Jannaway
Stradbroke Sally MacKinnon
Stuston Sally MacKinnon
Syleham Sally MacKinnon
Tannington Steven Phipps
Thorndon Steven Phipps
Thornham Magna Mike Smith + Frances Jannaway
Thornham Parva Mike Smith + Frances Jannaway
Thrandeston Mike Smith + Frances Jannaway
Thurston John Ibbetson
Thwaite (& Stoke Ash) Mike Smith + Frances Jannaway
Tostock John Ibbetson
Walsham le Willows John Ibbetson
Wattisfield John Ibbetson
Westhorpe John Ibbetson
Wetherden John Ibbetson
Wetheringsett cum Brockford Steven Phipps
Weybread Sally MacKinnon
Whitton & Claydon Jeannie Buckingham
Wickham Skeith Mike Smith + Frances Jannaway
Wilby Sally MacKinnon
Willisham (with Offton) Jeannie Buckingham
Wingfield Sally MacKinnon
Winston Jeannie Buckingham
Woolpit Frances Jannaway
Worlingworth Steven Phipps
Wortham (& Burgate) Mike Smith + Frances Jannaway
Wyverstone John Ibbetson
Yaxley Mike Smith + Frances Jannaway

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