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So switch to ECOSIA and help get those trees in the ground. It’s very easy to switch. Google will still work if you need it. Follow the link for details.


New guide to highway tree problems

We now have an open access guide to a Suffolk County Council app which allows you to easily report a fallen tree or other problem.


IVY Boon or Bane

Another item from Havant Borough Tree Wardens in SE Hampshire.

A recent planning application that included the removal of the ivy from the trees brought to the surface the Arboricultural Practice Note APN 10 which deals with Ivy – Boon or Bane?
This article from the Arboricultural Association is an interesting read if you’re trying to decide if you should remove the ivy from your trees. It sets out the arguments for and against and says there is no prevailing view on whether ivy should be removed.
The CO2 capture of these plants is not dealt with in the document.


Veteran trees help to halt green field housing development

Article by Melinda Griffin – originally published in the Havant Borough Tree Wardens newsletter “About Trees” August 2019. It is important as a case study of how ancient trees can affect planning applications. (Havant Borough is in south east Hampshire.)

Recognition of the need to protect veteran trees was among the reasons given by Havant Borough Council for refusing permission to build 36 houses on a green field site in Emsworth, (Westwood Close field, APP/18/00672).

Initial Tree Officer opinion had been that the trees and part of the hedge to be removed were of “low quality” and made little contribution to local character. No objection to their removal.”

However, in the 2019 Delegated Report recommending refusal of the application, the Tree Officer noted that two Field Maples and the two oaks within the hedgerow had now been officially listed as ‘veteran’ on the Ancient Tree Inventory. Consequently, the Tree Officer objected to the felling of the two Field Maples (which have an estimated age of 300 years).

Ancient Field Maple (at one time coppiced and now a sculptured survivor).
Photo: Malinda Griffin

The Tree Officer also noted that the root protection area (RPA) of the two Oaks had to be amended to give a minimum of 15 times the stem diameter for veteran trees or 5 metres beyond the canopy (which ever is the greater).

Until this revision has taken place, the Tree Officer objects to positioning two houses within that RPA.

In summary, HBC’s Tree Officer, following the trees’ “new classification”, advised that the Council should be in tune with national policy and raise objection to any harm to the veteran trees.

The Tree Officer advice to object to any harm concluded with a statement from the NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework): “Ancient woodland, ancient trees and veteran trees are irreplaceable. Consequently you should not consider proposed compensation measures as part of your assessment of the merits of the development proposal.”

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Plum and Cobnut Open Day

Saturday 17th August from 1000-1600 at
Home Farm, Great Green, Thrandeston, Suffolk, IP21 4BL.
Everyone welcome.

This event was supposed to happen on 10th August but has been RESCHEDULED due to a severe weather warning – high winds.

Drop in any time to see a display of plums, gages, damsons and other stone fruits, cobnuts and filberts, and bring any of your plums or cobnuts you would like identified. 

If you do decide to bring some fruit for display we would like at least 5 examples of ripe, (preferably not over-ripe) fruit or nut clusters with their stalks and a small twig with some leaves; we would also value knowing what you do with the fruit or nuts – eat raw or cooked for example – and a photograph of the tree is always helpful.  In the case of cobnuts they will still be green, but in mid-August the kernel should be fully grown, and edible as a green nut, which was always one way in which they were sold in the past.  You can always keep early fruit in a refrigerator if you think they won’t make it to the day.

Food Historian and Cook Monica Askay will be there with an opportunity to taste a range of plums, gages, and cobnuts. There is also an opportunity to walk a 1.3km permissive footpath (dogs welcome but on a lead, please) round this part of the farm (which features a 12 year old orchard).

This event is in and around one of Orchard East’s Co-Chair Paul Read’s barns, with parking close by in the nearby field (and with portaloo). The post code in Satnav should bring you to the parking field gate entrance, and there will be notices along the lane. 

Hope to see as many of you there as possible!

All the best, Howard Project Manager Orchards East School of History Follow us on Twitter @orchardseast, Facebook and Instagram

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Tree planting ‘has mind-blowing potential’ to tackle climate crisis

Research shows a trillion trees could be planted to capture huge amount of carbon dioxide

Follow this link to the original article published in The Guardian on 4th July 2019

Our belief in the importance of trees is becoming mainstream.


Ancient Tree Forum Newsletter

ATF Newsletter – June 2019

Epping Forest – Veteran Tree Trail launch day 4 July 2019


2019 STWN Spring Forum and AGM. Report.

A report of this successful event is now published HERE with a full set of slides and reports.


Orchards East event

Thursday 21 March, University of East Anglia, Norwich, at 6pm:  

Join Tom Williamson at University of East Anglia’s School of History for a fascinating update on Orchards East’s research and discoveries so far, drawing upon fantastic work undertaken by our volunteer surveyors and historical researchers. Come along to share the latest thinking on orchards in the East of England – and to find out how you too can get involved!

Further information here

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Keeping Whickham Green

Wickham Market Parish Environment Group working party.

If you have some spare time and wish to help keep Wickham green through trees, I am planning a work party on the Sports Field off Thong Hall Road.