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Fungi foray at Thornham Walks

Where once we saw trees in woods, now we are learning to ‘see’ their connections. Nothing joins a forest like its fungi. For much of the year the nutrient and information superhighways of our woodlands are out of sight. Here they live as fine filaments or mycelia underground, under cover of leaf litter and woody detritus or within living trees.

Jon Tyler introduces the foray Brittle Stem fungi (Psathyrella conopilus) on the ground in front

Autumn’s damp mildness stimulates many species to produce their fleshy fruiting bodies or ‘mushrooms’ in a rush of spore production. Perfect then for a STWN Sunday morning foray into Thornham Walks under the expert leadership of Jon Tyler of Wild for Woods ably assisted by Tree Warden Fe Morris who kindly organised the outing.