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Hedge planting Thurston

Thurston community is planting a new hedgerow around the churchyard in Thurston. The planting went very well. Perfect weather and 19 willing volunteers resulted in the planting of over 1000 plants.

A Job well done

This photograph will appear on the front cover of the March edition of our local newsletter and I have written a small piece for inside the mag.

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STWN hedgerow planting in the news

Suffolk Tree Wardens are in the news on the Suffolk Norfolk border when the local weekly newspaper Diss Express reported on their work to preserve and improve the region’s hedgerows for the benefit of wildlife, carbon reduction and the landscape.

Diss Express Friday 21 May 2021
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Unsightly Hedgerow Cutting

Many people, especially Tree Wardens are concerned by the unsightly flailing of hedgerows which happens every year all over Suffolk and beyond.

Photo from the website.

In some ways the management of hedgerows may depend on what incentives there are from central government for landowners to either remove hedgerows or maintain them and plant more. The former was the case a number of years ago but there may be more incentives to plant hedgerows with the forthcoming Environmental Land Management (ELM) scheme?? Who knows?

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Tree and Hedges Explorer

A recently published update of the Norfolk Trees and Hedges Explorer map This includes Suffolk. This is still work in progress and feedback is welcomed.

If you open the Layer List (see image above) you will see the tick boxes that control the visibility for these new layers

Link to Map

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Preston St Mary Hedgerow

New hedgerow at a property in Preston St Mary. Trees donated by the Woodland Trust through the STWN 2020 tree offer.

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Tree Planting in Drinkstone

Photos of tree planting by the Hill family at the Old Rectory in Drinkstone. These were taken before lockdown.

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Tree Offer 2020 success

For the third year running, Suffolk Tree Warden Network (STWN) has been working in partnership with the Woodland Trust and Suffolk County Council to plant large numbers of fully subsidised trees in Suffolk.

Packing trees for distribution under Covid restrictions

The 2020 tree offer gave Suffolk Tree Wardens the opportunity to plant even more trees and hedgerows than in previous years in their communities.

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Framsden Woodland Group planting a new woodland hedge on Sunday December 6th.

Framsden Woodland Group would like to express their thanks for the hedge plants provided by the Suffolk Tree Warden Network and Partnership of Woodland Trust, Suffolk CC & all.

Jeannie Buckingham Tree Warden Framsden

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Tree Offer 2020

It is time for Tree Wardens to start applying for Trees and Hedgerow plants for planting next winter -2020 – 2021. Follow the link to find out more.


Hedgerow clearance in Wilby

I am sorry to report that in the last week there has been further clearance of medieval field boundaries in Wilby, mid-Suffolk. The latest 200m to be destroyed was permitted by Suffolk County Council (SCC) under their land drainage powers.

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