Planting Tree Warden Activities

Tree Planting in Rumburgh

These photos were taken in Rumburgh, 8th, 9th, and 15th January at Greenhaven campsite.

They rent out some land for horses and the hedge was to separate horses from the camping field.

Group effort
Adding spirals

The owners and their two children came for a little while, then melted away after coffee, except for the mother. She is an education worker with SWT.

The weather was awful and the soil a horrible sticky clay but the 6 of us including Alan and myself completed the job planting the Woodland Trust Hedgerow pack with Standards every 10 meters.

The finished job

Lisa Simmonds

Planting Queens Green Canopy

Tree plantings in Halesworth

This is planting Halesworth Tree Wardens did in the town on Sunday 6th February. We planted 10 Whitebeam round the edge of a car park in Halesworth and labelled them all ‘Queens Jubilee’.

There are several Whitebeam there already and some years ago Waveney council planted quite large specimens to complete planting all the way along the edge. They all died as no watering was possible. We have a relationship with the nearby pub and they will let us have water if we get a very dry summer. It seemed to be quite good soil but I suspect it could be on top of a load of rubbish left from building ring road and car park, time will tell.

Hedgerows Planting

Hedge planting Thurston

Thurston community is planting a new hedgerow around the churchyard in Thurston. The planting went very well. Perfect weather and 19 willing volunteers resulted in the planting of over 1000 plants.

A Job well done

This photograph will appear on the front cover of the March edition of our local newsletter and I have written a small piece for inside the mag.

Mulching Planting STWN news

Mulch Mats are GO!

A shout out to the The Sicon Foundation

The STWN is extremely grateful to The Sicon Foundation for funding the purchase of over 9,000 biodegradable mulch mats and 46,000 bamboo fixing pegs. It doesn’t sound very glamorous but these small jute squares are an important part of our tree planting philosophy. We have already distributed mats and pegs to our Tree Wardens with their Woodland Trust Tree Packs for this season’s plantings.

Newly planted trees at Wortham protected with The Sicon Foundation mulch mats