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Tree Protection Guide

The Tree Council have just released this guide to successfully protecting your newly planted trees in an ecological way.

Illustration from leaflet


This post will also be on our resources page along with many other items to help with your tree related work.

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Air pruning

Growing trees with really strong root systems. The STWN team are creating a series of pages incorporating pictures and links especially for users who are starting their own tree nurseries. This first page is an article and video on air pruning young trees and includes links to resources from all over the world.

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Unsightly Hedgerow Cutting

Many people, especially Tree Wardens are concerned by the unsightly flailing of hedgerows which happens every year all over Suffolk and beyond.

Photo from the website.

In some ways the management of hedgerows may depend on what incentives there are from central government for landowners to either remove hedgerows or maintain them and plant more. The former was the case a number of years ago but there may be more incentives to plant hedgerows with the forthcoming Environmental Land Management (ELM) scheme?? Who knows?

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Tree provenance choice in a changing climate

Tree provenance choice is a vital tree-planting decision, with potential benefits, risks and long-term consequences.

The Woodland Trust’s view on tree provenance choice has just been published in this excellent pdf document.

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Planting your own Trees

PLANTING YOUR OWN TREES Help and support for landowners

A very useful guide by the Woodland Trust.

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Operation Turtle Dove

Turtle doves are in trouble; their UK breeding population has declined by 95% since 1995. Populations are also falling elsewhere in Europe and internationally they are recognised by the International Union of Nature Conservation (IUCN red list) as Vulnerable to extinction.

A turtle dove (Photo by Tim Nevard )
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Ash Bark Borer

Ash Bark beetle generally only lays its eggs in dead or dying or damaged Ash, I have stored felled live Ash, no beetle damage, 2/3years later Ash beetle throughout.

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Tree Offer 2020 success

For the third year running, Suffolk Tree Warden Network (STWN) has been working in partnership with the Woodland Trust and Suffolk County Council to plant large numbers of fully subsidised trees in Suffolk.

Packing trees for distribution under Covid restrictions

The 2020 tree offer gave Suffolk Tree Wardens the opportunity to plant even more trees and hedgerows than in previous years in their communities.

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Orchards for Schools

A new project from the Tree Council visit their site for details

Plant an orchard in your school and be a #ForceForNature.

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Best practice guide for socially distanced tree planting

The Tree Council have brought together a coalition of leading conservation organisations to develop Covid-aware tree planting guidance to ensure Tree Wardens and other volunteer groups can plant trees this autumn. Please read and share! Here is the guide as a PDF