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Celebrating 30 years of Tree Wardens.

As many of you know, “the terrible impact of Dutch elm disease in the 1970s plays an important role in The Tree Council’s history. The charity was established in 1974 as part of the national replanting effort which inspired the nation to get out and restore our treescapes. The Tree Warden Scheme was founded in 1980 and rapidly became an important part of the Tree Council’s work.” (quoted from The Tree Council Website Thirty years of Tree Wardening)

So they were delighted when a Tree Warden suggested planting disease-resistant elm trees to commemorate thirty years of Tree Wardening. The elm pictured below is one of four other celebratory elms we are fortunate enough to have been given for Suffolk.

Here is the tree in Summer. It will take a while to catch up with it’s neighbours.
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Growing Trees for a changing landscape – seed gathering at historic Redgrave Park

Strike a spade into the earth, slip in a seedling and a little bit of landscape history is made. If the seedling comes not just from native but very local stock, valuable genetic resources are conserved. Thousands of trees have been planted under the auspices of the STWN and an increasing number will come from the network’s own tree nurseries in the future, but a little cell grown oak from Tree Warden and Nurse David Appleton’s 2020 sowing enjoyed a very special start this October.

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National Tree Week update

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The Tree Council sponsors the 2020 ‘Tree Oscars’!

The Tree Council was proud to once again present the Tree Council Tree and Learning category of the London Tree and Woodland Awards. The very worthy winners this year are Woolmore Primary School in east London. Watch this video to see the fantastic work they’ve done by creating a stunning garden which is bringing vital green space to students in an inner-city school.
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Update on UK tree policy

The Tree Council CEO Sara Lom has posted an update on UK tree policy on their site and invites you to be a voice for trees.

The tree planting pledges made at last year’s election may feel a long time ago, but the coming year continues to be a vital time for UK trees. Our CEO Sara Lom provides an update on the latest tree policy to keep you informed and to ask you please, to continue to be a voice for our precious trees, hedgerows, street trees and orchards across the country.

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Orchards for Schools

A new project from the Tree Council visit their site for details

Plant an orchard in your school and be a #ForceForNature.