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Tree Planting in Rumburgh

These photos were taken in Rumburgh, 8th, 9th, and 15th January at Greenhaven campsite.

They rent out some land for horses and the hedge was to separate horses from the camping field.

Group effort
Adding spirals

The owners and their two children came for a little while, then melted away after coffee, except for the mother. She is an education worker with SWT.

The weather was awful and the soil a horrible sticky clay but the 6 of us including Alan and myself completed the job planting the Woodland Trust Hedgerow pack with Standards every 10 meters.

The finished job

Lisa Simmonds

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Celebrating 30 years of Tree Wardens.

As many of you know, “the terrible impact of Dutch elm disease in the 1970s plays an important role in The Tree Council’s history. The charity was established in 1974 as part of the national replanting effort which inspired the nation to get out and restore our treescapes. The Tree Warden Scheme was founded in 1980 and rapidly became an important part of the Tree Council’s work.” (quoted from The Tree Council Website Thirty years of Tree Wardening)

So they were delighted when a Tree Warden suggested planting disease-resistant elm trees to commemorate thirty years of Tree Wardening. The elm pictured below is one of four other celebratory elms we are fortunate enough to have been given for Suffolk.

Here is the tree in Summer. It will take a while to catch up with it’s neighbours.
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We’re on Countryfile

Growing Trees for a changing landscape – seed gathering at historic Redgrave Park

Strike a spade into the earth, slip in a seedling and a little bit of landscape history is made. If the seedling comes not just from native but very local stock, valuable genetic resources are conserved. Thousands of trees have been planted under the auspices of the STWN and an increasing number will come from the network’s own tree nurseries in the future, but a little cell grown oak from Tree Warden and Nurse David Appleton’s 2020 sowing enjoyed a very special start this October.

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Fungi foray at Thornham Walks

Where once we saw trees in woods, now we are learning to ‘see’ their connections. Nothing joins a forest like its fungi. For much of the year the nutrient and information superhighways of our woodlands are out of sight. Here they live as fine filaments or mycelia underground, under cover of leaf litter and woody detritus or within living trees.

Jon Tyler introduces the foray Brittle Stem fungi (Psathyrella conopilus) on the ground in front

Autumn’s damp mildness stimulates many species to produce their fleshy fruiting bodies or ‘mushrooms’ in a rush of spore production. Perfect then for a STWN Sunday morning foray into Thornham Walks under the expert leadership of Jon Tyler of Wild for Woods ably assisted by Tree Warden Fe Morris who kindly organised the outing.

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STWN social/ancient tree walk, Langham

On Thursday 26 August STWN hosted its second face to face event for Tree Wardens since lockdown.

Tree wardens in the walled garden

Some 30 Tree Wardens gathered at Langham Hall Walled Gardennear Walsham-le-Willows on the evening of Thursday 26th August 2021 for a stroll around the beautiful garden, with a glass of wine in hand, to see the work that has been done over the last two years by new Tree Warden Steve Adams and his partner Catherine Supple (and a team of volunteers) in restoring it to former glories.

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Tree Warden Map updated

The map of Suffolk parishes with one or more Tree Wardens was updated on 10 September.

Click the map to view it.

Directions for how to contact your Tree Warden are on the map page.

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STWN hedgerow planting in the news

Suffolk Tree Wardens are in the news on the Suffolk Norfolk border when the local weekly newspaper Diss Express reported on their work to preserve and improve the region’s hedgerows for the benefit of wildlife, carbon reduction and the landscape.

Diss Express Friday 21 May 2021
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The Queen’s Green Canopy in Suffolk

Across the nation, in celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022, people will be planting trees to form what is being called ‘The Queen’s Green Canopy’.

Briefing from the organisers for Tree Wardens.

In Suffolk we are already well on our way towards a target of 770,000 new trees planted, preserving existing trees and hedges as we go. That number represents one tree for every person in Suffolk. In many ways this scheme is at the heart of Suffolk’s appeal and it’s igniting people’s imaginations up and down the county.

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Tree Planting in Creeting St Peter

View from the road boundary

Farmer in Creeting st Peter, Tim Broom planted the trees which should hopefully be enjoyed by all who travel the A14 and also provide us with a screen to the ever advancing development of Stowmarket.’

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Planting your own Trees

PLANTING YOUR OWN TREES Help and support for landowners

A very useful guide by the Woodland Trust.