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Tree Planting and CO2 Reduction

What should we be planting and where?

We hear of new tree planting initiatives to battle against climate change almost daily and all are to be applauded but they are not the only answer. We also need to be looking after the trees and woods we already have and other habitats which also sequester carbon.

Volunteers help to plant trees for the Woodland Trust.
Volunteers helping on project for Woodland Trust, which sent out a million trees last year. Photograph: Philip Formby/PA (from Observer article)
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Ash Bark Borer

Ash Bark beetle generally only lays its eggs in dead or dying or damaged Ash, I have stored felled live Ash, no beetle damage, 2/3years later Ash beetle throughout.

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Community Tree Nurseries

Suffolk Tree Nurseries – Great Oaks from Little Acorns Grow

Movable raised beds – large scale at a community farm

The enormous demand for locally sourced and grown trees & shrubs, especially for hedgerow planting, now and in the future has inspired Suffolk Tree Wardens to establish Tree Nurseries in their communities across the county.

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Preston St Mary Hedgerow

New hedgerow at a property in Preston St Mary. Trees donated by the Woodland Trust through the STWN 2020 tree offer.

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Tree Planting in Drinkstone

Photos of tree planting by the Hill family at the Old Rectory in Drinkstone. These were taken before lockdown.

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Tree Offer 2020 success

For the third year running, Suffolk Tree Warden Network (STWN) has been working in partnership with the Woodland Trust and Suffolk County Council to plant large numbers of fully subsidised trees in Suffolk.

Packing trees for distribution under Covid restrictions

The 2020 tree offer gave Suffolk Tree Wardens the opportunity to plant even more trees and hedgerows than in previous years in their communities.

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Pakenham Water Mill

Barbara Morris sent this picture of Barry Service planting 3 wild service trees on Godwin Meadow, Pakenham Water Mill.

There are rowans planted there already. Barry and Jannette have lived in Thurston for more than 40 years and supported the village throughout. Jannette was a member of the PC for approx. 20 years and Chairman for some of her time.