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Eco-Warrior Award 

The Red Gables Wellbeing Hub in Stowmarket had a great turnout on Sunday 7th November when they teamed up with Scorpion Marital Arts Academy (Stowmarket) to create an Eco-Warrior Award where participating children could earn a certificate and a sew-on badge for their uniform by taking part in environmental activities within their town.

26 children + parents enjoyed planting the new hedgerow along the front wall here at Red Gables using a mixture of saplings from the tree nursery and a couple of older dog roses grown in pots. To limit the group sizes, they also took part in litter picking around Stowmarket and had an opportunity to sew some wildflower seed on our wildflower bank.

It was a really good occasion and both children and parents were given the opportunity to look around the tree nursery. We also provided them with more information on how the tree nursery project is funded & how they can get involved in growing trees at home. I think it’s fair to say we have 26 willing volunteers to call upon in the future! 

Young Tree Champions

Where’s the Love

When an ancient oak tree near their home was cut down Henry, Arthur and Edward Colnet went into action creating a terrific poster and sharing it on Twitter. There tag is @ColnetConserva1 .

Henry then went into action and wrote this heartfelt and rather serious poem: