Hedgerows Planting

Hedge planting Thurston

Thurston community is planting a new hedgerow around the churchyard in Thurston. The planting went very well. Perfect weather and 19 willing volunteers resulted in the planting of over 1000 plants.

A Job well done

This photograph will appear on the front cover of the March edition of our local newsletter and I have written a small piece for inside the mag.

Planting along the roadside

A little finish off is required including the planting of 12 oaks within the hedgerow. We are using the cell grown trees, which I received 2 years ago which have grown into nice size trees. James Hay managed to leave farm duties for the morning and came along with a very useful tool which provided a great hole for the cell grown trees. He can also provide water in the form of a bowser. I will look further into using straw as a mulch.

Planting along the footpath

Barbara Morris

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