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Tree Planting Guide

A comprehensive guide to planting and caring for trees from finding suitable locations to aftercare.

Seed gathering guide (Tree Council)

STWN tree Offers

Tree Warden Tree offer Conditions

Landowner Tree Offer Conditions

Risk assessment for Tree Planting and other events

Tree Nursery resources

Guide to root trainers and air pruning.


(Hymenoscyphus fraxineus.)

Ash Dieback Government Guidance.

The ash dieback hub page on GOV.UK. is now live. 

The page gives an overview of FC/GOV advice on ash dieback disease and management and signposts to key sources of guidance, including from FC, Tree Council, FISA, NTSG, AA, FR and NE.  It has been kept succinct to avoid replication of other sources and should function as an ideal landing page for anyone enquiring about ash dieback.

The page address is:

Ash Dieback Guidance for tree owners

Tree Council documents on Ash Dieback

The Living Ash Project aims to identify a large and diverse number of ash trees with good tolerance to ash dieback.

Other Tree Diseases and guides

Forestry Commission tree disease guide

Forest Research Tree Pest & Diseases Resources

Forestry Commission tree Protection Guide

The UK Forestry Standard

Forestry Commission Tree Health News, month by month list

Oak Processionary Moth

Forest Research OPM public information poster

Suffolk parishes: on Suffolk Infolink. Find your parish council including the contact details of parish clerk or chair where they publish them (some don’t).
Also location of all parishes in Suffolk on a map – page by page.
Enter the name of the parish or it’s post code into the search box.
Many other details also available.

Vegetation and Trees Overhanging the Highway–Guidance from Suffolk Highways on the responsibilities of the owner or occupier of a property bordering a road or footpath. Detailed table of distances required for trees near the highway.

Bat and tree safety work



The main legislation covering hedgerows is called the Hedgerows Regulations 1997. This is a very lengthy document which doesn’t give very much protection.

The Hedgerows Regulations, 1997:

Updated Guidance, 2019:

Reporting a tree or hedge affecting the highway

Reporting a tree or hedge affecting the highway

Notes ……… Assessment Form

Roadsides nature reserves in Suffolk (map)

STWN partnership tree planting

Background Reading

Tree Books reading list

The Tree Council Policy Digest – June 2019
An in-depth report on government tree policy

Tree ID guide app for your smartphone

Tree Preservation Orders

Poster for identifying trees by their buds in winter

Woodland Trust Tree ID guide

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