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The Tree Council sponsors the 2020 ‘Tree Oscars’!

The Tree Council was proud to once again present the Tree Council Tree and Learning category of the London Tree and Woodland Awards. The very worthy winners this year are Woolmore Primary School in east London. Watch this video to see the fantastic work they’ve done by creating a stunning garden which is bringing vital green space to students in an inner-city school.
Events Tree Council posts

Update on UK tree policy

The Tree Council CEO Sara Lom has posted an update on UK tree policy on their site and invites you to be a voice for trees.

The tree planting pledges made at last year’s election may feel a long time ago, but the coming year continues to be a vital time for UK trees. Our CEO Sara Lom provides an update on the latest tree policy to keep you informed and to ask you please, to continue to be a voice for our precious trees, hedgerows, street trees and orchards across the country.

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Orchards for Schools

A new project from the Tree Council visit their site for details

Plant an orchard in your school and be a #ForceForNature.

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Best practice guide for socially distanced tree planting

The Tree Council have brought together a coalition of leading conservation organisations to develop Covid-aware tree planting guidance to ensure Tree Wardens and other volunteer groups can plant trees this autumn. Please read and share! Here is the guide as a PDF

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How to Grow Hazel

This guide published by TCV is very helpful.

Also on here is a link to their free seed harvest handbook (PDF) well worth downloading.

Thank you Gary for sending this.

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Ash Recovery Project

The John Innes Centre, are looking for Ash trees that are doing well close to other Ash trees that in comparison seem to be very heavily affected by ash dieback. Can you please help?

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Tree Wardens your news

Tree Wardens. Now you are registered on the site you can create news items and post them yourselves. I look forward to them appearing in my inbox. I will review and approve them before they appear.

If you are yet to register please do so.


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Virtual Tree Walk

With so many outside events inhibited by Covid The Leamington Society has created a virtual tree walk. The story of six special trees in Jephson Gardens’ for Heritage Open Days 2020. Here is a link to the file.

This was sent to us by Alistair Graham Kerr. Thank you Alistair.


Tree Preservation Orders

I have just uploaded a new page detailing the UK Government guidelines on TPO’s with comprehensive links to the full Government documentation.

Getting TPO’s posted can be difficult as can ensuring they are adhered to. This page is a resource to aid Tree Wardens and others in this task.