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The Queen’s Green Canopy in Suffolk

Across the nation, in celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022, people will be planting trees to form what is being called ‘The Queen’s Green Canopy’.

Briefing from the organisers for Tree Wardens.

In Suffolk we are already well on our way towards a target of 770,000 new trees planted, preserving existing trees and hedges as we go. That number represents one tree for every person in Suffolk. In many ways this scheme is at the heart of Suffolk’s appeal and it’s igniting people’s imaginations up and down the county.

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Healing Woods Update

Suffolk County Council are now planning the next phase of the Healing Woods initiative in Suffolk. Over the next year the Healing Woods team aim to work with a variety of communities and places across the county to help them create a Healing Wood or similar natural healing space for their community. The team will use this to develop a package of support and tools that they can then roll out to other Suffolk communities over future years.

Hedgerows Resources

Unsightly Hedgerow Cutting

Many people, especially Tree Wardens are concerned by the unsightly flailing of hedgerows which happens every year all over Suffolk and beyond.

Photo from the website.

In some ways the management of hedgerows may depend on what incentives there are from central government for landowners to either remove hedgerows or maintain them and plant more. The former was the case a number of years ago but there may be more incentives to plant hedgerows with the forthcoming Environmental Land Management (ELM) scheme?? Who knows?

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Healing Woods

Everyone in Suffolk should be able to enjoy an area of natural green space close to where they live. Healing Woods is an exciting and ambitious initiative to create more natural woodland and green space across the county, particularly where it is most needed, to help people benefit from being able to experience nature and support their health and wellbeing.


Anglian Agroforestry Farms Open Weekend 2021

Celebrating the growing community of agroforestry farms in our area: Fellows Farm, Fobbing Farm, Shimpling Park Farm, Maple Farm Kelsale, Wakelyns and Whitehall Farm will be open for visitors on Saturday 1st -Sunday 2nd May 2021

Wakelyns from the air showing the contrast with the surrounding prarire farms. From their website.

Visit the Wakelyns website for full details.

Tree Health

Yew Dieback

This follow up to a post from last June was sent by a resident of Ipswich.

“The yew tree in my garden has had this happening to it. Started about 5/6 years ago and has been steadily spreading up and across the tree. The pine needles start turning brown, fall off and eventually leaves a “twig”. Maybe coincidental but it is also on the west/north-west side of the tree. The yew itself is of a considerable age judging by it’s trunk.”

Here is a photo of the tree.
Practical Guides Resources Woodland Trust

Tree provenance choice in a changing climate

Tree provenance choice is a vital tree-planting decision, with potential benefits, risks and long-term consequences.

The Woodland Trust’s view on tree provenance choice has just been published in this excellent pdf document.

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Tree Planting in Creeting St Peter

View from the road boundary

Farmer in Creeting st Peter, Tim Broom planted the trees which should hopefully be enjoyed by all who travel the A14 and also provide us with a screen to the ever advancing development of Stowmarket.’

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Planting your own Trees

PLANTING YOUR OWN TREES Help and support for landowners

A very useful guide by the Woodland Trust.

Other areas Resources

Operation Turtle Dove

Turtle doves are in trouble; their UK breeding population has declined by 95% since 1995. Populations are also falling elsewhere in Europe and internationally they are recognised by the International Union of Nature Conservation (IUCN red list) as Vulnerable to extinction.

A turtle dove (Photo by Tim Nevard )