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Fungi foray at Thornham Walks

Where once we saw trees in woods, now we are learning to ‘see’ their connections. Nothing joins a forest like its fungi. For much of the year the nutrient and information superhighways of our woodlands are out of sight. Here they live as fine filaments or mycelia underground, under cover of leaf litter and woody detritus or within living trees.

Jon Tyler introduces the foray Brittle Stem fungi (Psathyrella conopilus) on the ground in front

Autumn’s damp mildness stimulates many species to produce their fleshy fruiting bodies or ‘mushrooms’ in a rush of spore production. Perfect then for a STWN Sunday morning foray into Thornham Walks under the expert leadership of Jon Tyler of Wild for Woods ably assisted by Tree Warden Fe Morris who kindly organised the outing.

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Eco-Warrior Award 

The Red Gables Wellbeing Hub in Stowmarket had a great turnout on Sunday 7th November when they teamed up with Scorpion Marital Arts Academy (Stowmarket) to create an Eco-Warrior Award where participating children could earn a certificate and a sew-on badge for their uniform by taking part in environmental activities within their town.

26 children + parents enjoyed planting the new hedgerow along the front wall here at Red Gables using a mixture of saplings from the tree nursery and a couple of older dog roses grown in pots. To limit the group sizes, they also took part in litter picking around Stowmarket and had an opportunity to sew some wildflower seed on our wildflower bank.

It was a really good occasion and both children and parents were given the opportunity to look around the tree nursery. We also provided them with more information on how the tree nursery project is funded & how they can get involved in growing trees at home. I think it’s fair to say we have 26 willing volunteers to call upon in the future! 

Young Tree Champions

Where’s the Love

When an ancient oak tree near their home was cut down Henry, Arthur and Edward Colnet went into action creating a terrific poster and sharing it on Twitter. There tag is @ColnetConserva1 .

Henry then went into action and wrote this heartfelt and rather serious poem:

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Agroforestry; together we can make it happen

We must plant trees to tackle the climate crisis – but we must also grow food.

Replacing food crops with trees on UK land would only export the environmental impact of feeding ourselves, often to countries with looser legislation. There is a solution: combining tree-planting with crops or livestock between the rows, i.e. agroforestry, can deliver the greatest ecological benefit for the least loss of food production.

Read more Here

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Tree Protection Guide

The Tree Council have just released this guide to successfully protecting your newly planted trees in an ecological way.

Illustration from leaflet


This post will also be on our resources page along with many other items to help with your tree related work.

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The Living Ash Project wants your help

“Together, we can combat ash dieback through harnessing the natural genetic diversity within ash. By bringing together trees showing high levels of tolerance we can start a new breeding programme for ash to ensure it remains a viable option for forestry and the wider environment.”

The Living Ash Project wants to hear from you if you have a tolerant ash tree specifically within a woodland setting.

Link to report a tree page The project is also linked to from our resources page.

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Ash Dieback- new guidance

The ash dieback hub page on GOV.UK. is now live. 

The page gives an overview of FC/GOV advice on ash dieback disease and management and signposts to key sources of guidance, including from FC, Tree Council, FISA, NTSG, AA, FR and NE.  It has been kept succinct to avoid replication of other sources and should function as an ideal landing page for anyone enquiring about ash dieback.

The page address is:

This link is now on our resources page for future reference.

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Langham Hall Walled Garden Autumn Fair

STWN ran a stall at Langham Hall Walled Garden Autumn Fair on Sunday 12th September 2021. The stall was manned variously by Fe Morris (Fressingfield), Richard Frost (Stowmarket) and David Appleton (Wortham & Burgate), and was busy all afternoon.

From the Walled Garden Facebook page.
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STWN social/ancient tree walk, Langham

On Thursday 26 August STWN hosted its second face to face event for Tree Wardens since lockdown.

Tree wardens in the walled garden

Some 30 Tree Wardens gathered at Langham Hall Walled Gardennear Walsham-le-Willows on the evening of Thursday 26th August 2021 for a stroll around the beautiful garden, with a glass of wine in hand, to see the work that has been done over the last two years by new Tree Warden Steve Adams and his partner Catherine Supple (and a team of volunteers) in restoring it to former glories.

STWN news Tree Warden Activities

Tree Warden Map updated

The map of Suffolk parishes with one or more Tree Wardens was updated on 10 September.

Click the map to view it.

Directions for how to contact your Tree Warden are on the map page.