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Tree Wardens in Suffolk

Tree Wardens are Volunteer Tree Champions who are registered with The Tree Council through the Suffolk Tree Warden Network. They are usually linked to their Parish or Town Council and work with them on matters relating to trees. They gather information about their local trees, get involved in local tree matters and local practical projects related to trees and woods.

More about Tree Wardens

History – Thirty Years of Tree Wardens

Tree Wardens have been caring for the trees of Suffolk for 30 years. District councils in central and eastern Suffolk were some of the first to join the national scheme. In 2017 there were around 120 tree wardens in Suffolk with some areas having more than others. We are actively encouraging more people to join.

Due to changes in the way local government works the Suffolk Tree Warden Network was established in 2017 to encourage and coordinate tree wardens across the county. It aims to have at least one tree warden in every town, parish or group of small parishes. The network is now a self-managed organisation of volunteers linked to parish councils.

The Role of a Tree Warden

The role tree wardens take on varies from parish to parish and sometimes between different areas of the country. The Tree Council publish a list of activities Tree Wardens may carry out, this is shown in ‘The role of a Tree Warden – the Do’s and Don’ts‘ (PDF). In Suffolk some activities, such as helping farmers to lay hedges, rarely occur as laid hedges themselves are rare.

Map of Suffolk Parishes with Tree Wardens

Many parishes in Suffolk have their own tree wardens. View to map to see if your parish has one. If it is not coloured green on the map either you don’t have a Tree Warden or we don’t have their contact details. Please contact our coordinator Frances Jannaway or your local parish council.

Database of Tree Wardens in Suffolk

The list is available to executive committee members only. If you wish to contact the tree warden for a specific parish please submit your request to the website manager who will ask the Tree Warden to get in touch with you. This rule is required by our GDPR compliant privacy policy which is being reviewed.

Partnership Working

We work in partnership with: The Tree Council, Suffolk County Council, The Woodland Trust and Babergh/Mid Suffolk & East Suffolk District Councils.

STWN events

Examples of local group activities.
Start them young. Tree planting in Lukeswood, Elmswell

Suffolk Tree Wardens get involved in an amazing range of tree related activities from planting trees & their after care, including community woodland & orchards; carrying out surveys of ancient trees, hedgerows & orchards to setting up tree nurseries, working with schools, publishing tree trail leaflets and reporting to Parish Councils about their local trees.

Framsden Woodland Work Group taking a break

Tree Wardens are often a point of contact for all things trees in the Parish, working with their parish council. The amount of time they spend depends entirely on that which they have available – essentially you give as much or as little time as you wish.

The network also holds several events each year where you can meet other tree wardens and learn about tree care and diseases.

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