Map of Suffolk Parishes

If your parish is coloured green, it has a registered tree warden. Please contact Frances Jannaway, coordinator Suffolk Tree Warden Network she will put you in contact with your tree warden. Alternatively, you can contact your parish clerk to find out who the tree warden is for your parish.

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To contact a tree warden in any of the parishes marked in green please contact our coordinator: Frances Jannaway and she will ask the the Tree Warden to email you.

Mid Suffolk and Babergh have a fairly good coverage of tree wardens.

East Suffolk (Waveney/Suffolk Coastal) has a smaller number of registered tree wardens. West Suffolk (St Edmundsbury/Forest Heath) currently do not have many tree wardens or any local groups.

Please email Frances if you would like to become a tree warden and possibly help set up a group. For details of how the network is being organised see the ‘About us‘ page.