First AGM Minutes

Held at The Red Feather Club, Denham, Eye, Suffolk on Saturday 14th April 2018

The meeting commenced at 11.30am chaired by the Tree Warden Network’s acting Chairman Frances Jannaway.

1. Report by the Acting Chairman of The Executive Committee, Frances Jannaway.

Throughout Britain, district councils are finding they no longer have the resources to support and train parish Tree Wardens and Suffolk is no exception. District Councils in Suffolk have had to withdraw their organisational support and training for Tree Wardens.

On 1st March 2017, a meeting was arranged in response to this withdrawal. Attended by the Tree Council, local authority Tree Officers, Suffolk County Council and a number of parish Tree Wardens in Suffolk, the meeting confirmed a strong commitment to see the Tree Warden scheme continue but it was felt necessary to move to a self managed network of parish Tree Wardens across the county.

Babergh/Mid Suffolk DC and Suffolk Coastal DC have pledged their continued support as members of The Tree Council for which STWN is very grateful.

As a result of this meeting, the Suffolk Tree Warden Network was established. An acting executive committee was set up with 8 members, to run and expand the network of Tree Wardens across Suffolk. STWN was officially constituted on 5 September 2017. Chaired by me, Secretary Peter Holborn, Treasurer John Russell, with Jeannie Buckingham, Mike Smith, John Ibbetson, Steven Phipps and Robin Morley as committee members.
We have a bank account and have been meeting regularly over the last year.
Thanks to Richard Jannaway, STWN has a website:
Please send him photos and/or stories of your trees and projects in your community.

Suffolk County Council have pledged their support by giving us a generous grant to set up the network including a website and help organise a number of events, training days and projects in 2018.

I started to update Tree Warden details more than a year ago with help from Alice Martin (assistant tree officer) before she left BMSDC last summer. We concentrated on Babergh/Mid Suffolk because we had the contact details of many Tree Wardens in this area and not very many in East and West Suffolk.

We started by dividing the around 200 parishes in Babergh and Mid Suffolk into 11 sub-areas each with a local Tree Warden coordinator. You may well have already been contacted by the Tree Warden coordinator in your area. The map shown on the screen is the result of updating the old contact details we inherited from Alice Martin. Map to go on website.

There are about 90 Tree Wardens covering more than half of the parishes. The idea is to create local networks of Tree Wardens enabling them to be part of a group rather than feeling isolated. They will be able to meet and call on each other for mutual support, exchange ideas and knowledge and feed back needs for training, funding and other help to the executive committee.
Our aim is to have every parish supported by a Tree Warden.
The map shows there are about 90 updated Tree Wardens in Babergh/Mid Suffolk and about 23 in East Suffolk and 6 in West Suffolk.

The parishes in white do not have a designated Tree Warden but we are in the process of contacting parish clerks in Babergh and Mid Suffolk so far with several positive results in that there are several new Tree Wardens here today. We are especially looking for young people to take up the role of TW in their parishes.
It is hoped that East Suffolk and West Suffolk will follow but this may take a little longer.

Other events in 2018 include
Informative Tree Health seminar held by the Forestry Commission on Thursday 22 March, at Sapiston, Suffolk. Details to go on website.
Tree identification day exploring the delights and wonders of Gallowfields Wood, Haughley on Sunday 15 July
Next STWN event could be held in East Suffolk?

Thanks to the executive committee whose support and patience has been essential.
Peter Holborn secretary for taking minutes of meetings, his vast experience and knowledge about trees and the ins and outs of local authority contacts
John Ibbetson for practical support and advice & getting our treasurer,
John Russell for agreeing to be our treasurer
Jeannie Buckingham for helping to sort out the mass of TW contact details into up-to date easy to access records
Steven Phipps for his enthusiasm and starting the process of writing a STWN leaflet and
Mike Smith for his huge amount of practical knowledge about trees and experience of tree work.
Thanks also to Robin Morley for giving practical common sense advice who unfortunately has decided to step down from the committee.

If a Tree Warden especially from Babergh and/or East Suffolk would like to put their name forward to come onto the executive committee, especially a woman! It would be very good if a Tree Warden from Robin’s area around Cockfield would consider taking on his local coordinator role.

I would especially like to thank Gary Battell (SCC) whose unswerving support has been essential to me and to the development and success of STWN.
Finally to Richard my partner who has been key to developing the website and supporting me.

David Payne congratulated the Executive Committee on setting up the STWN and what they have done.

2. Presentation of the annual accounts by the Acting Treasurer, John Russell

John Russell thanked Suffolk County Council for the start up fund which has enabled us to set up and run a website, organise this event and start preparing publicity material. He then presented the accounts.

Click the link to view (PDF) STWN Accounts to 16-04

3. Election of members of the Executive Committee

The Acting Chairman Frances Jannaway announced that we needed to formally elect an Executive Committee. She introduced members of the acting Executive and explained that in addition to the existing candidates who had indicated they are willing to stand, we would welcome additional people to join the Executive Committee as under the Constitution we can have up to 12 members. We particularly need someone to help with publicity and media.

The following nominations were put to the meeting and were ELECTED as follows:

Chairman: Frances Jannaway, proposed: Peter Holborn ; seconded: ?
Secretary: Peter Holborn, proposed: Colin Hawes; seconded: Mike Ewert
Treasurer: John Russell proposed: Maggie Grenham; seconded: Sally MacKinnon
Website: Richard Jannaway proposed: John Russell; seconded: Peter Holborn

The following were elected on bloc by the meeting: Mike Smith, John Ibbetson, Steven Phipps, Jeannie Buckingham following nomination by Maggie Grenham and seconded by Rosemary Jones.

Brian Such volunteered to join the Executive Committee and was duly elected following nomination by Mike Smith, seconded by John Ibbetson.

Jane Hawthorne and Judi Clements said they would be happy to co-ordinate tree wardens in East Suffolk (not as members of the Executive) This offer was gratefully accepted.

There was no other business and the meeting closed at 11.55am