Tree planting in Suffolk – winter 2018-19

More than 15,000 young trees were planted in Suffolk (and Essex) in winter 2018-19 with the help of the Suffolk Tree Warden Network. This amazing achievement has been made possible through partnership working. The Woodland Trust provided the young trees (including stakes and guards), Suffolk Tree Wardens, farmers and local people planted the trees supported by The Tree Council and Suffolk County Council.

Planting whips at Wickhambrook

Tree planting kicked off at Wickhambrook, West Suffolk at the start of National Tree week by tree wardens and local people planting about 800 trees at Peacocks Farm. Organic farmer Greg Harrison now has more than young 5,000 trees on his 18 acre farm, full account here.

This was followed by numerous small tree planting projects all over Suffolk some of which can be seen on our news pages. We would like to show more of the great work being done in Suffolk. Please send a brief description and photos of your planting project to Richard Jannaway our webmaster.

This autumn, Suffolk Tree Wardens were offered packs of 50 mixed cell-grown saplings to plant in their parishes as part of the ‘Eastern Claylands Treescape’ planting project organised by Edwin Van Ek, Woodland Trust Treescape Development Lead.

Tree Wardens from all over Suffolk quickly took up the offer of free trees including stakes and guards. A total of about 3,000 trees were delivered to 20 Suffolk Tree Wardens in December 2018. Reports of the results will be posted on our news pages.

Farmers in Suffolk and Essex were also contacted in the autumn with the offer of 150 free tree packs of similar mixed saplings. Farmers who took up this offer were able to collect their tree packs from various farms in Suffolk and Essex in December, a total of 7,000 trees.

This large project was only made possible because of partnership working between the Woodland Trust, Suffolk Tree Warden Network and Suffolk County Council. I would especially like to thank Edwin Van Ek and Gary Battell for all their hard work and commitment. Thank you to all the Tree Wardens, local people, farmers and land owners who have planted and are planting trees all over Suffolk (and Essex).

This is just the start of the tree planting so badly needed in Suffolk and it is hoped that the offer of free trees will be available next year and subsequent years.

Frances Jannaway

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