Landowner Tree Pack Offer

These tree packs are offered by Suffolk Tree Warden Network (STWN) in partnership with the Woodland Trust and Suffolk County Council. The packs of trees are fully subsidised by the Woodland Trust and are available for landowners to plant in Suffolk through STWN. This is a separate offer from the tree and hedgerow packs offered to Tree Wardens.

Your trees will be eligible for inclusion in the Queens Green Canopy initiative.

Registering and ordering

Obtaining your tree packs is a two stage process.

  1. You need to register as a user on our website
  2. You need to complete the landowner tree pack order form

Please register here

When registering please indicate you would like to apply for this offer by selecting “landowner seeking to plant trees” in the user category box on the registration form.

You may need to wait a few days after registering whilst your details are verified. You will receive an automated email when this has been done.

If you are already registered on our site you can complete the order form. When doing so please tell us in the comments box that you are a landowner.


Log in to the website to place your order. You need to do this as the form will only open for approved users.



If your order is successful you will receive an automated reply confirming it has been received. This will include the details of your tree pack please keep a copy of this for your records. If you do not receive this confirmation within a few hours it means something has gone wrong. Please use the contact form to tell us.


You will need to agree to the conditions of this offer by ticking three boxes on the order form before submitting.

  • agree to plant the trees according to the conditions of the offer
  • agree to STWN keeping a record of your order as outlined in our privacy policy
  • indicate whether or not you agree to STWN sharing your contact details and your order details with the Woodland Trust.

Tree pack details

Tree packs contain 50 cell grown ‘whips’, 20 – 60cm tall depending on supply and species. All whips are UK sourced and grown with regional provenance.

Each pack of 50 trees has 10 of each of 5 species selected from:

  • Oak
  • Hornbeam
  • Crab Apple
  • Wild Cherry
  • Downy Birch or Whitebeam

The maximum offer is two packs of 50 trees, total 100 trees per landowner.

The packs are offered on a first come, first served basis. More packs may be available later in the year.

Due to the enormous demand for trees this year some species are in short supply and Field Maple is not available for this offer. Contents of packs cannot be guaranteed and it may be necessary to supply substitutes trees in some packs.

The landowner packs will be available for collection from a central distribution point, probably Stonham Aspal in Mid Suffolk. Details of the collection address, dates and times will be confirmed later, likely to be during the first week of December.

Tree Protection

Tree packs include 120cm guards and 150cm FSC certified stakes as these have proven to be best overall to protect the saplings from deer browsing damage. In fenced areas or some urban locations, 1.2m tall guards might not be necessary. Please indicate on the order form if you do not require guards and stakes.

Many landowners may already have tree guards/stakes they can reuse. Please indicate on the order form if you require fewer guards/stakes to save on plastics and Woodland Trust costs.

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