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STWN summer get together, Kali Wood, Holton, Halesworth 28th July 2019

Tree Wardens are volunteers who work with parish councils or other community organisations. They gather information about their local trees, get involved in local tree matters and local practical projects related to trees and woods.

The Tree Warden Scheme is a national initiative founded by The Tree Council, helping local tree enthusiasts to get involved and care for the trees in their area. 

More about Tree Wardens

The Suffolk Network

Suffolk Tree Warden Network supports Tree Wardens in championing the trees of Suffolk by:

  • Organising training courses and events, for example tree identification, planting & caring for trees, woodland management, tree diseases
  • Enabling Tree Wardens to get together in small groups for mutual support and encouragement
  • Providing a forum where Tree Wardens can exchange information and ideas
  • Organising shared actions such as tree planting and after care
  • Advertising tree-related events, especially in Suffolk.

Tree Council

Suffolk Tree Warden Network is affiliated to The Tree Council which is the UK’s lead charity for trees, promoting their importance in a changing environment.

The Tree Council’s vision is more trees in streets, parks, hedgerows and woodland across the UK, bringing benefits to people and wildlife, enhancing landscapes and engaging people in biodiversity and environmental issues. It works in partnership with volunteer Tree Wardens, schools, communities, organisations and government to make trees matter to everyone.

For more information please see the Tree Council information leaflet on their website.

Using this site

Much of  this site is open to all. Enjoy your visit and discover what Tree Wardens in Suffolk are doing and how you can get involved. Register to comment on News items.

If you are a Tree Warden you will be given access to the Tree Warden Resource pages when you register. Here you will find information to help in your work which is not available to the general public.

Suffolk Tree Warden Network

Making a difference in Suffolk

Tree Wardens have been caring for the trees of Suffolk for nearly 30 years, Mid Suffolk being one of the first districts to join the national scheme. In 2017 there were around 120 tree wardens in Suffolk with some areas having more than others. We are actively encouraging more people to join.

Due to changes in the way local government works the Suffolk Tree Warden Network was established in 2017 to encourage and coordinate tree wardens across the county. It aims to have at least one tree warden in every town, parish or group of small parishes. The network is now a self-managed organisation of volunteers linked to parish councils.

The Suffolk Tree Warden Network is divided into area groups with local coordinators to enable Tree Wardens to get together with those in neighbouring parishes. List of parishes and their local group coordinators

Supporting Organisations

The Tree Council

Suffolk County Council,

Babergh/Mid Suffolk  District Council and

East Suffolk District Council.

Local Groups

In Babergh/Mid Suffolk, there are about 90 Tree Wardens divided into 11 sub-areas each  with a local Tree Warden coordinator covering almost half the total of 202 parishes. The idea is to create local networks of Tree Wardens enabling them to be part of a group rather than feeling isolated. They will be able to meet and call on each other for mutual support, exchange ideas and knowledge and feed back needs for training, funding and other help to the executive committee.

The situation in the adjoining districts is very different. There are about 24 Tree Warden contacts in East Suffolk and only 7 in West Suffolk. It is hoped that once we have established a good network of Tree Wardens in Mid Suffolk that the other two districts will follow. If you are a tree warden or would like to become one in any part of Suffolk please contact your local coordinator.

List of parishes and their local groups coordinators

Alternatively you may get in touch with  our Chairman, Frances Jannaway using the email contact form.

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Who are Tree Wardens?

Tree Council logo The Tree Council launched the Tree Warden Scheme in 1990 and co-ordinates the Scheme nationally. It works with local authorities, voluntary organisations, parish councils and local partnerships to set up and develop Tree Warden networks – in town, city and countryside.

Today there are many thousands of Tree Wardens in local networks throughout the UK, forming a volunteer force of immense value to the environment. Together, they devote nearly two million volunteer hours a year to trees – time worth about £13 million. Continue reading “Who are Tree Wardens?”