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Suffolk Tree Warden Network supports Tree Wardens in championing the trees of Suffolk by:

  • Organising training courses and events, for example tree identification, tree diseases, planting & caring for trees.
  • Enabling Tree Wardens to get together in small groups for mutual support and encouragement.
  • Providing a forum where Tree Wardens can exchange information and ideas.
  • Organising shared actions such as tree planting and after care.
  • Advertising tree-related events, especially in Suffolk.

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Tree planting in Suffolk – winter 2019-20
Tree planting in Suffolk – winter 2018-19

Tree planting in Suffolk winter 2019-20

Amazing Tree planting in Suffolk Winter 2019 – Together we can make a difference

For the second year running, the Suffolk Tree Warden Network have worked in partnership with the Woodland Trust Eastern Claylands Project and Suffolk County Council to plant large numbers of trees in Suffolk. Surpassing last year’s almost 3,000 trees, this winter nearly 4,500 trees were given to tree wardens and landowners to plant in their parishes. In addition, 852 meters of hedgerow (4,345 plants/trees) were provided to create new hedgerows and fill in gaps in old ones. In all, nearly 9,000 trees and shrubs will have been planted as part of the partnership scheme.

The Woodland Trust supplied an additional 10,500 trees to landowners in Suffolk bringing the total number of trees planted to more than 19,000 trees.

Tree pack delivered
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Tree planting in Suffolk – winter 2018-19

More than 15,000 young trees were planted in Suffolk (and Essex) in winter 2018-19 with the help of the Suffolk Tree Warden Network. This amazing achievement has been made possible through partnership working. The Woodland Trust provided the young trees (including stakes and guards), Suffolk Tree Wardens, farmers and local people planted the trees supported by The Tree Council and Suffolk County Council.

Planting whips at Wickhambrook
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