Privacy Statement provisional edition.

This policy is written to comply with new legislation that came into effect in May 2018 called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our privacy promise is as follows.
We will:
Hold any ‘personal data’ that you send us such as your email address, postal address & telephone numbers on our secure database. If you are a Tree Warden we will also record the Parish Council in which you operate as a Tree Warden.

If you are  a Tree Warden we will send you regular emails about training sessions, events, meetings and other Tree Warden and tree related activities both in your local neighbourhood and further afield.

We will also invite you to register on this site and contribute to discussions on tree matters and report activities such as tree planting that you organise.

From time to time we will forward to you relevant information from other organisations, such as the Tree Council and the Forestry Commission, relevant to our work with trees.

Keep your contact details up to date providing you send us changes.

Undertake to promptly delete your information should you wish to leave the Suffolk Tree Warden Network.
We will NOT:
Give your details to any other person or organization without your permission.

Pester you with marketing offers from other organisations.


Should you no longer wish us to hold your data please let us know and we will remove your data from our records. Email me here if you wish us to check or remove your data.

This statement is still being updated and amended. We will post a news item on the site whenever we update it.

Richard Jannaway – Webmaster Suffolk Tree Warden Network