Suffolk Tree Warden Network

Welcome to the Suffolk Tree Warden Network (STWN).

This website is specifically for all those across Suffolk who care about trees.  You may be a member of STWN as a Tree Warden, or you may be an individual or an organisation or business in the community interested in developing, protecting and preserving the trees in Suffolk.

On this website you will find information about tree planting and tree-related projects happening across the County, the kinds of things Tree Wardens do and how to contact your local Tree Warden, or how to become a Tree Warden yourself.  We also give an overview of how STWN fits into the ‘bigger picture’, with links to parent, partner, and sympathetic organisations

For more detail of who we are and what we do please visit our About STWN page

Or follow these links to find out about our latest projects
Tree planting in Suffolk – winter 2019-20
Tree planting in Suffolk – winter 2018-19